J. M. Gleditsch
1990 The Japanese Journal of Ryodoraku Medicine  
Oral Acupuncture microsystem of enoral acupoints . In the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, two groups of acupuncture points can be differentiated : 1) the vestibular points, situated labio-buccodentally, 2) the retromolar points, situated beyond the wisdom teeth. The retromolar points are of prior importance as they may even dissolve irritation of correlated vestibular points . The functional correlations of the vestibular points to organs and functions of the body, however, are more
more » ... ic as they may be devided into five distinct groups . Each of these five groups happens to be identical with one of the five functional circuits of the body, i. e. with one of the five elements of traditional acupuncture. In this way, each of the oral acupoints has a wide range of therapeutical indications. Pain conditions and functional disorders may successfully be treated by Oral Acupuncture, such as digestive, respiratory, and urogenital troubles; but also headache, vertigo, malfunctions and pains of joints and spine respond very well. -A very effective way of localizing the enoral points is by palpating the oral vestibule digitally. In case of irritation, acupuncture points of the mucous membrane, quite more than skin points, usually are highly sensitive to pressure. Subsequent stimulation of oral acupoints is effected best by means of injections, as it impracticable to have needles remaining in the mouth. For the injectoins, a low percentage solution of local anaesthetics is used. -As all organs and functions are represented in the correlations of the respective oral acupoints. This fact results in a complete holography or somatotopy of the body being projected within the mouth. This holograph, or microsystem, may be compared to the reflexology of the auricle and the implications of ear acupuncture. In Oral Acupuncture, however, there is a more obvious allusion to the rules and systematics of traditional acupuncture.
doi:10.17119/ryodoraku1986.35.19 fatcat:v2kotbcftve6hp2oiz6vy3ou5m