Maryland Gazette June 1800

(:Unkn) Unknown
DONAUESCHINOEN, March so. \ ) left hi, J»ead quarters. On the i6th he took ' hi. army by the following addrefa; ,. " account of the precarioua dale of my health, hi. Imperial majefty to be relieved in the I of the army, which he ha. been pleafed to l^ltr on general baron Kray. While I acquaint the ». with thi, change, I return my warmeft thank. H cat generals, officers and troopa, for the bravery thkhtbry have evinced at all time" under my comnod, in the moft dilUnguifhed manner. Much aa I oo
more » ... count of my health, to fe pa rite from whom, on every occafi->n, I found to be foldier" and faithful to hi. Imperial majefty in u< kigheft degree, and whoa I cfteeoi and love | aa tch mo ft I entreat them to perfevere in their at. uthsKiit and fidelity to hi. Imperial majefly, with four teal, under tbe command of the general of irtilitff, baron Kray. " Henceforth all report" official flatement" ice. ut to be directed to general baron Kray, to whom I kmiliud.r refigned the command of the army. (Signed) « The Archduke CHARLES, F. M." Central Kray afterwards published the following (tacril order, to the army : " Dinauefchingen, March 18. order of his Imperial majefty I have taken ntchief command of thia army, which the declining of hi. rotal highnefs would not allow hint to oatinue. " I ftiould want courage, after i predecefTor fo leifttfilly revered, to execute hi, majelty*. orders. i»I not convinced of the difUngui&cd fpirit which initei the whole 'army, and which aflure, roe that aw member of that great body would feel itfelf aiy upon, from in own impolfe, under any com-| SMadtr, to continue hi, exertion" by facrificing all powtrt, with that gloriou, xeal which we owe to ssrawt tracioue monarch, and to the honour of our tuicm. I (Signed) KRAY. General of artillery." V E N I C E. Much 14. ___ This BMraing about it o'clock, the great newt re. atWtd from the conclave of the elcftioa of a new General Eckmeyer, chief of the northern legion, hu illued a proclamation from hi. head quarter, at Aix-la-Chapelle, inviting the young men of the left bank of the Rhine to enter into hi. legion. It is fa id that the .armed peaTant. are again to advance apinft Mentz. The Tyrolian ftUrp (hooter, will alfo again, tike the field, to occupy their frontier, toward, SwiineiUnd. On the ^i ft iatttnt, the duke d'Bnghein arrived at Ranflnn The period for which the C'-ndean, have entered into the pay of Great Britain is (aid to be eigkl year, An Englifh commiffioner i, expcded to make the farther regulation.. April j. papeia the perfon of cardinal Gregoria Barntba Cbi twwi, OB whom fcarcely any body had fixed bia ixajtm before. tit wu born on tbe nth Auguft, 1741, at Cat-Mat, in the ecekfiaftkal feuu, the aauve place of KM IV. .... ' la tie 16th year etf Me eg* he entered the order of tat BtBcdachae*. Pop* Pin, IV. elevated him to the fcpiiy of a cardinal. Tbe name which the new aud ot the chureh will adopt, i, not yet known. The rtjniriogi throughout Venice, on this happy *w«on »e tuidlv to be dt ten bed, the more fo at the elation liad caufed-putb anxiety to onr FRANCFORT, CafthLtatin tf ___...... A Britifh courier troro Palermo p*(Ted thrcuih Caffel, on the 28th of March, with dilpatchet, containing an account of th»capiiul«tion of the iflind ol Milta, in which capture the Ruffian, are (aid to have had no fbare. The mifundcrltanding between tbe two Imperial court, ha. been done away by the fati.faflion given to Paul rcfpctiing Ancuna, and that in contequence the retr >gidr march ot the army under Suwarrow (who it would thereby appear i) Kill alive) has been fufpended, «nd that 18,000 Rufu»na are to be at the difpofal of Aullria, and to be commanded by prince Rofenbcrg, bcfide. tbe 30,000 to be embarked at Riga. April 6. \ The whole Imperial army, and of the empire, commanded by general Kr»y, i. in lull motion. Or. den have been fent to the head quarter, to be ready * for removing to Donaucfchingen \ and all the officer" without diHinction of rank, mult immediately join their rcfpcciive corpa. General Kray ha. announced to hi. flaff, that the campaign i. about to be opened. It i, remarked, that (hi. general ha, retained in bis ttaff all tbe officers who had the efttem and confidence ol prince Charles. General Sttarray, the comm.nder of the right wing, who had his head quauera at Heidelberg,!, about to transfer them to Manhcim. Accoroing to the fame advice" gen Kray, who i, about to ail fuch a diftihguifhed pan, i, a man about 6; years of ue, of (mill Mature, thin, and poffcffcd i«) ha, (ailed down the channel. The duke of York has had fome of his' ribs broken by a (all from his horfe. _ . April 16. Paris piper, till the totti intlant, w»rt »«tfaper of the to-h (ay" that Moreau was to pafs th« Rhine on the 191)1, lill Saturday. Two Hamburg mail, arrived on Wednefday, but the Uule information which th*v bring-i. not of fo late a dale as that brought by the French papers. Malta U i. again f»id hi, furrcndereil. Geiteral M*. Ill hi, trantferced hi, hra>i quarten to Alleflandriti and, in a proclamation to hli army he announces that the campaign would be immto'uuly opened. The Nobili Giufdani has fent to the conclave a fucifu for the new pope, which isol a moft exwwkmanihip and a real matter piece ol art. VIENNA, March 17. AHaopMof peace have vanquifhec*. The propo. . ?ldcb'r lhe firft conful, ot making the Rhine i of France have not b«en admitted, powers, demand, that before entering ItlO II\T FW of ••fed. the Qar (he French wit) evacuite all the K«DJr* which they nave H A G U tSfrap'il 1. They write from Calaii, unoer the x6th of March, that the flag, of truce from Dover, had increafed very muih in tht pad fortnigh:, and that citizen Otto, who had for lome wick, been executed to reruin, Bill remained in EngUnd, which animated itior hopes itut a frcret negotiation was on foot between the Eugli(h government and Buonaparte. Many are ot opinion that one of the Ftench prince* will be brought expofing the patient to the air, cunir.ry to the » to fucceed the French conful. prance. He reeommenda the application of Letters from Pufen, in South Pruflia, o' the z8th of March, that (late the intelligence of the death of prince Italiflco, c-unt Suwarrow KinnibYio, {.fully confirmed by two Inter, from Mielnik, fix mile, from Brexc, on the nth and i cth ult. be died fuddcnly oo the ad of March, at hi. eflate, near Kobrin. T. . A B I A, Much "it. t now in fight of each other, °f the Rhine General More.u draw, force toward. Switzerland, and the '" ot '«aly i hia army i, fupplicd with pro vi lion i f'wche Cosnre. It U fuppoUd that Buonaparte r«a orden for making thefe demonftrarion, to " *-. General RTray reinforces the troopi near »nd the Grifon country, with detachment. Xi and mrafurw ha»e bern taken to oppofe Lecoatbe, if »e (hooW attrrrrpt to advance LOWER ELBE, April J. T*he archduke Charles is arrived at Ulm Private letters from Vienna afTur«, that hi. royal highnef. will remain in the neighbourhood of the tfieatre of war. It feem. ai length confirmed, th«t prince Suwirrow died iuddenly on the ad ult. on his eflate near Ko biin. April 7. Nothing of importance hu Vet taVeo plat* nrtwem thearmle. of Italy and On the Rhine. On th« lift ult. the; Auftrieai advanced from the Hochtt w Wickert, killed fix ol the enemy,'and took 11 prtfonen.
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