Evaluation of IL28B Gene Sequence Variations in the Diagnosed Null-Response to DAAs Therapy by Intra PBMCs Nested HCV RNA PCR

Mohamed Abd Alla, ahmed altambouly, Mohamed Abd Alla, Galal AbuFarrag, Islam Ammar, Mostafa El-Awady
2021 Al-Azhar International Medical Journal  
Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of the IL28Bgene arereliable predictors of chronic HCV disease course after treatment with Peg-IFN and Ribavirin (RBV). Aim of work: to detect SNPs in relation tohepatic parenchymal changesin the selected study populations. Subjects and Methods: Impacts of IL28B-SNPs on the response to direct acting antivirals (DAAs) were evaluated in posttreatment negative serum and cellular HCV-PCR (group I), solitary intra-PBMCs viral infections (group II), and positive
more » ... HCV-RNA serology (group III). Twelve weeks after completing DAAs-therapy, 45 patients were recruited and divided into three groups (n=15each), as afro-mentioned. IL28B-gene sequencing was done to detect SNPs in relation to hepatic parenchymal changes in the selected study populations. Results: Changes in liver parenchyma of group III (46.7%) and II (26.6%) were associated with higherHCV-relapse compared to I (P<0.001). In normal hepatic parenchyma:the wild-CC sequencewerefrequently identified in group I compared to II and III (P<0.001),CT-SNP was equally distributed in group I and II (P=0.34456) with significant increases on comparison with III (respectively P=0.02391 and 0.055); C-allele was recognized in group I compared to II (P=0.000692) and III (P=0.000003).In cirrhotic liver:TT-SNP was detectedin viremic patients on comparison with infection free (P=0.02256) and solitaryintra-PBMCsone (P=0.08647), T-allele was dominant in serologic relapse compared with solitary intracellularinfection (P=0.004308) and SVR subjects (P=0.000130). Conclusion: Post-DAAs therapy sequencing of IL28B-gene revealed that wild-CC and CT-SNPS are respectively identified in SVR and solitary intra-PBMCS infections when hepatic parenchyma is normal, while TT-SNP and T-alleles are dominant in serologic relapsers with cirrhotic liver.
doi:10.21608/aimj.2021.40774.1313 fatcat:qrvggivbvzb6nomxhdixa7ahy4