Critical properties of the antiferromagnetic Ising model on rewired square lattices

Tasrief Surungan, BJ Bansawang, Muhammad Yusuf
2018 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The effect of randomness on critical behavior is a crucial subject in condensed matter physics due to the the presence of impurity in any real material. We presently probe the critical behaviour of the antiferromagnetic (AF) Ising model on rewired square lattices with random connectivity. An extra link is randomly added to each site of the square lattice to connect the site to one of its next-nearest neighbours, thus having different number of connections (links). Average number of links (ANOL)
more » ... ber of links (ANOL) $\kappa$ is fractional, varied from 2 to 3, where $\kappa = 2$ associated with the native square lattice. The rewired lattices possess abundance of triangular units in which spins are frustrated due to AF interaction. The system is studied by using Monte Carlo method with Replica Exchange algorithm. Some physical quantities of interests were calculated, such as the specific heat, the staggered magnetization and the spin glass order parameter (Edward-Anderson parameter). We investigate the role played by the randomness in affecting the existing phase transition and its interplay with frustration to possibly bring any spin glass (SG) properties. We observed the low temperature magnetic ordered phase (N\'eel phase) preserved up to certain value of $\kappa$ and no indication of SG phase for any value of $\kappa$.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1011/1/012079 fatcat:qhaksoke3ne6xe6s56ffqdhbnm