Interpreting Spectral Energy Distributions from Young Stellar Objects. I. A Grid of 200,000 YSO Model SEDs

Thomas P. Robitaille, Barbara A. Whitney, Remy Indebetouw, Kenneth Wood, Pia Denzmore
2006 Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series  
We present a grid of radiation transfer models of axisymmetric young stellar objects (YSOs), covering a wide range of stellar masses (from 0.1Msun to 50Msun) and evolutionary stages (from the early envelope infall stage to the late disk-only stage). The grid consists of 20,000 YSO models, with spectral energy distributions (SEDs) and polarization spectra computed at ten viewing angles for each model, resulting in a total of 200,000 SEDs. [...]. These models are publicly available on a dedicated
more » ... WWW server: . In this paper we summarize the main features of our models, as well as the range of parameters explored. [...]. We examine the dependence of the spectral indices of the model SEDs on envelope accretion rate and disk mass. In addition, we show variations of spectral indices with stellar temperature, disk inner radius, and disk flaring power for a subset of disk-only models. We also examine how changing the wavelength range of data used to calculate spectral indices affects their values. We show sample color-color plots of the entire grid as well as simulated clusters at various distances with typical Spitzer Space Telescope sensitivities. We find that young embedded sources generally occupy a large region of color-color space due to inclination and stellar temperature effects. Disk sources occupy a smaller region of color-color space, but overlap substantially with the region occupied by embedded sources, especially in the near- and mid-IR. We identify regions in color-color space where our models indicate that only sources at a given evolutionary stage should lie. [...].
doi:10.1086/508424 fatcat:eklt365rsvcrbihhv32b57cmzu