Structure of Finite-Dimensional Protori

Wayne Lewis
2019 Axioms  
A Structure Theorem for Protori is derived for the category of finite-dimensional protori (compact connected abelian groups), which details the interplay between the properties of density, discreteness, torsion, and divisibility within a finite-dimensional protorus. The spectrum of resolutions for a finite-dimensional protorus are parameterized in the structure theorem by the dual category of finite rank torsion-free abelian groups. A consequence is a universal resolution for a
more » ... a finite-dimensional protorus, independent of a choice of a particular subgroup. A resolution is also given strictly in terms of the path component of the identity and the union of all zero-dimensional subgroups. The structure theorem is applied to show that a morphism of finite-dimensional protori lifts to a product morphism between products of periodic locally compact groups and real vector spaces.
doi:10.3390/axioms8030093 fatcat:6f7ir5bdezgrphxbdzosktgx74