Effect of Selenium injection in pregnant camels on selenium status of their new-born and milk

Bernard Faye, Ossamah Althamma, Abdelgadir Musaad, Gaukhar Konuspayeva, Mohammed Bengoumi
2014 Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture  
The effect of inoculation of selenium solution to pregnant camels was investigated to assess the impact on selenium status of the new-born and on the selenium concentration in milk. In the trial included 2 groups of 8 camels, the treated one receiving a single injection of selenium solution at the end of pregnancy. In blood, no difference was observed between control and treated group before injection. A significant difference was observed at delivery as well in dam (33.3 vs 44.7 ng/mL
more » ... ely) as in calf (28.5 vs 47.6 ng/mL respectively). In milk, the selenium was also significantly in higher concentration in treated group (93 ± 49 ng/mL) than in control one (59 ± 19 ng/mL) at the delivery time. Zinc concentration in milk was positively correlated to selenium content. The improvement of selenium status by a single injection was slight and more efficient supplementation ways could be proposed to the camel farmers.
doi:10.9755/ejfa.v26i4.17272 fatcat:uqkczxysrfff7prb3kfwc6vuga