Empirical Analysis of Ethical issue of Privacy in E-Marketing

Mr Kumar, Mr Singh
International Journal of Business Management Available at www.ijbm.co.in Vol   unpublished
The online marketing activities can offer lot of opportunities for companies to market themselves and their products inexpensively and effectively, but they need to exercise considerable care to ensure that their techniques don't get them into legal or other difficulties. In the study Gap analysis has been identified with the help of literature. E-Marketing, Internet marketing, web marketing and online marketing is used interchangeably and synonymously as it is supported by many authors hence
more » ... any authors hence this study E-marketing is only concerned with marketing through internet. A total of 600 questionnaires were mailed and distributed by selecting the respondents conveniently (Non-random technique). The questionnaire sent were followed and finally 568 questionnaire were received from respondents who could reasonably interpret the E-marketing and form ethical viewpoint toward privacy issue in E-marketing, hence in the present study the respondents were who are educated and exposed to E-marketing. The questionnaire responses were digitized using the SPSS software and scale reliability was done. This paper found that privacy policy, Trust on E-Marketing , Personal Information, Privacy is major problem and information from children are the five dominant factors which influence consumer perceptions of privacy in E-marketing. All these factors were considered as the predominant predictors of consumers' purchasing decisions.