Spatial variability in the icthyoplankton structure of a subtropicalhypersaline lagoon

Judson da Cruz Lopes da Rosa, Mariana Dantas Alberto, Wanda Maria Monteiro Ribas, Maria Helena Campos Baeta Neves, Lohengrin Dias de A. Fernandes
2016 Brazilian Journal of Oceanography  
The Lagoa de Araruama is a hypersaline ecosystem inhabited by distinct fish species, either permanently or during their reproductive season. Over recent years, some significant environmental changes have been observed in this ecosystem related to the sewage runoff, as salinity decrease (from 64 to 41 psu during the last 40 years) and nutrients increase. As both changes are thought to affect the ichthyoplankton assemblage, the present study aimed to evaluate all the potential relationships
more » ... relationships between salinity disruption and fish larvae distribution. Ichtyoplankton samples were collected monthly from January 2010 to March 2011 at eight sites in Araruama Lagoon by means of a WP2 plankton net equipped with a flowmeter. During this period, low egg densities were coincident with high salinity regions, suggesting that adults are avoiding to release their eggs under less favorable environmental conditions to the larvae. The uneven distribution of eggs and larvae inside the lagoon, as revealed by both spatial and temporal analyses lead us to suggest that changes in salinity have influenced the reproductive rhythms of those fish species that depend upon the Lagoa de Araruama.
doi:10.1590/s1679-87592016109406402 fatcat:cfkaf3fctzesvmsynmxxmhnkdi