Mechanics, Molecular Physics and Heat

W. L. Stevens
1903 Science  
are employed, -a specialist for each science, who, to guard against error, review each reference before publication. It is a matter of congratulation that this country leads in the number of subscribers to the catalogue, the number being 96, equivalent to over 70 complete sets. The individual volumes may be subscribed to for a sum pro rata to the cost of the full set. As the yearly subscription to the full set of seventeen volumes is $85, this is an encouraging showing. Although this catalogue
more » ... ugh this catalogue has not been free from the defects and consequent criticism attending all new enterprises, the work itself is being done in a way to furnish a helping hand to both librarians and students who have long needed a concise subject index to the great and ever-increasing scientific literature of the day. This field the International Catalogue of Scientific Literature aims to cover.
doi:10.1126/science.18.452.271-d fatcat:iqks3t5gmbfblaghz3owf5qpa4