Basic Research on Primary Factors that Controls Mooring Criteria : In Case of Ports facing to the Sea Area that have Swells and Seasonal Winds
係留限界を支配する諸要因に関する基礎的研究 : うねりと季節風が卓越する海域に立地する港湾の場合

Masayoshi KUBO, Masanori TSUGANE, Kenji SASA, Shigeki SAKAKIBARA
1997 The Journal of Japan Institute of Navigation  
Alot of studies about mooring ship motions have done in recent decades , but they are focused on cargo handling criteria . At some ports in open sea , mooring ships move so hard and some − times mooring lines or fenders are broken . So , when we think about mooring criteria , we have to consider a lot of para 皿 eters . In this paper , we study about these para 皿 eters and we pick up some cases of mooring acci − dents at the harbor face to Pacific Ocean . And we find out the results as follows:
more » ... 1} We can ' t argue about the mooring criteria correctly if we focus only on ship motions . 〔 2) We can clear up the relation between cargo handling criteria and the mooring criteria . ( 3) Mooring accident $ tend to take place 血 winter season than other seasons in these cases . 〔 4) In most of those accident cases , 皿 Qoring ships should shift to offshore earlier stage . 〔 5} The required time length when ships shift to offshore depends on the ship type , the car − go handling way , etc . 〔 6} The difficulty of wave prediction makes so hard to make out mooring criteria . 〔 7) We have to consider long period wave in case of considering the 皿 ooring criteria . 〔 8) There are trade off re ! ations between the safety of mooring ship and the berth efficiency . 〔 9} It is necessary to grasp the effect of moored ship motions by wave and wind correctly , if we want to avoid mooring accidents . 1 .緒
doi:10.9749/jin.96.313 fatcat:whptwddyzvbf3letmq3q62rkju