Sri Rizqi Annisa, Dewi Larasati, Endang Bekti K
2018 Jurnal Litbang Provinsi Jawa Tengah  
The aim of this study was to determine the characterization of shredded mureel fish with kluwih substitution on water content, protein content, fiber content and organoleptic (preference for crispness and taste). This study uses a simple Randomized Complete Design (RCD) with the substitution treatment of kluwih and mureel fish, with the following ratio: S1 (240g: 60g), S2 (210g: 90g), S3 (180g: 120g), S4 (150g: 150g), S5 (120g: 180g). Data were analyzed statistically by analysis of variance and
more » ... sis of variance and if there was a significant effect, further testing was done with BNJ at the level of 5%. The results showed that kluwih substitution in the manufacture of mureel fish shredded had an average: water content of 8.33-10.62%, protein :16.83-22.00%, fiber : 6.79-6.99%, score crispness 2-6.12, taste score 2.6-6.6. Based on the results of the analysis of the variety of kluwih substitutes and mureel fish have a significant effect on water content, protein content and crisp organoleptic test, taste on mureel fish fillet, and no significant effect on fiber content. The best kluwih substitution in S3 treatment with 120 grams of substitute kluwih and 180 grams of mureel fish.
doi:10.36762/litbangjateng.v16i2.768 fatcat:n3sova4ns5bivlizg6hf52zvjy