Generalization of soft topological groups

O. Tantawy, S. A. Kandil, A ElShamy
2020 Journal of the Egyptian Mathematical Society  
There exists two different definitions for soft topological groups, the first due to Hida and the other due to Tariq Shah. In this paper, we give a generalization for both of them, and also, we study the topological properties for the construction of finer soft topology made by Nazmul and use the same technique to construct a soft topological group via Hida concept starting from a parametrized family of topological groups. Then, we introduce the concept of soft rough and rough soft topological
more » ... h soft topological group to generalize the concept of rough and soft topological group. Definition 15 [15] A topological rough group is a rough group (G, * ) together with a topology τ on G satisfying the following two properties:
doi:10.1186/s42787-020-00075-7 fatcat:7axnynh6obdcxi5lyyyhwjnixq