Distributed Function Chaining with Anycast Routing [article]

Adrien Wion, Mathieu Bouet, Luigi Iannone, Vania Conan
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Current networks more and more rely on virtualized middleboxes to flexibly provide security, protocol optimization, and policy compliance functionalities. As such, delivering these services requires that the traffic be steered through the desired sequence of virtual appliances. Current solutions introduce a new logically centralized entity, often called orchestrator, needing to build its own holistic view of the whole network so to decide where to direct the traffic. We advocate that such a
more » ... ralized orchestration is not necessary and that, on the contrary, the same objectives can be achieved by augmenting the network layer routing so to include the notion of service and its chaining. In this paper, we support our claim by designing such a system. We also present an implementation and an early evaluation, showing that we can easily steer traffic through available resources. This approach also offers promising features such as incremental deployability, multi-domain service chaining, failure resiliency, and easy maintenance.
arXiv:1810.03355v1 fatcat:6t543dzmi5d6nfjc37zwnvbufu