THE CHARACTERISTICS OF FLOOR PLAN AND CHANGE OF LIVING STYLE IN RELATION TO CHANGE OF DWELLER'S ATTRIBUTE : A study on the living process in dwelling units by "Two-Step Housing System", Part 1
住戸平面の特徴および居住者属性の変化からみた住まい方の経年変化 : 二段階供給方式による集合住宅の居住過程に関する研究(1)

1997 Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ)  
This Study is based on a livi process survey of c ' Two − Step Housi System " .The Part − 10f the study clears the characteristics of floer plan and bri s out followi results : 1.Significant cba es in livi style after retire 皿ent and ! or at the aged parents have occured in ' ' Hikarigaoka , , .工hey are 皿 ostly new use of for皿 er children , s roo 皿 for study a皿 d! or . hobby purpose, and also the separate sleepi . 2.Most fa皿ilies of ' ' Ta皿 a " are 皿 iddle age parents with growing children ,
more » ... owing children , and no significant cha e in room use has been observed . 3. Almost no change in the Infill arrangement has been seen both dwelling units . Ke7hrards ' living process , Tvo − Steρ housing sys tem, infill . living style . ebildren ' S room . floorρian
doi:10.3130/aija.62.99_2 fatcat:s2l55ayvqvgmtouv26e5tohgeu