Pedagogy of Hope: Feminist Zines

Alison Piepmeier, Ricarda Drüeke, Elke Zobl, Philipps Universität Marburg, Mediarep
But you can do ev ery thing. That's what I think. Our lives are long and full and if we love and work and want, we can do it all. everything ev ery thing. even more than we are able to imag ine. Cin dy Crabb, Do ris #24 (2007) Introduction: Feminist zines In an es say called "Ohio" in Do ris #24, fe mi nist zine cre a tor Cin dy Crabb (USA) mu ses on a num ber of things -de ter min ing a tur tle's age from the rings on its shell, change in her life over the years, how she has come to re con
more » ... come to re con sider her own fears and as sump tions, and the tools for so cial jus tice work that she's as sem bled from groups she's been in volved with and from her own read ing. It's not an es say with a lin ear tra jec tory; in stead, it's a kind of rhi zo ma tic col lage of thoughts, with links that work in mul ti ple di rections. The es say con sists of type wriĴ en and hand wriĴ en text sur rounded by and in ter spersed with small il lus tra tions, comic strips, and hand-drawn graph ics like hearts, stars, ar rows, and text boxes. Grrrl zines are in formal pub li ca tions, o en made by hand in di vid ual ly or in small groups, and "Ohio" is a rep re sen ta tive grrrl zine piece -seem ing ly cha otic but ul ti mately thought ful, rich, and mul ti va lent. At the end of the es say, Crabb cites a friend of a friend who warns, "you can't do ev ery thing you dream of. At some point you need to nar row it down, pri or i tize." Crabb re sponds by break ing from prose in to a po etic struc ture and off er ing a hope ful as sertion, cited in the ep i graph to this es say, about her own and the readers' abil ity to, in fact, do ev ery thing, "even more than we are able to imag ine" (2007: 17). This type wriĴ en state ment, framed with two small, hand-drawn hearts, may not im me di ate ly seem to be mak ing a po lit i cal in ter ven tion. How ev er, this em phatic de cla ra tion of pos si bil ity rep re sents one kind of po lit i cal work grrrl zines can do. When she sug gests that "we can do it all," Crabb off ers a ped a gogy of hope.
doi:10.25969/mediarep/2807 fatcat:udxgylesgnhrhnrci7336642xy