Dynamics of fast neutrino flavor conversions with scattering effects: a detailed analysis

Hirokazu Sasaki, Tomoya Takiwaki
2022 Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics  
We calculate the dynamics of fast neutrino flavor conversions with Boltzmann collisions of neutrino scatterings in the homogeneous system. We find the enhancement or suppression of the flavor conversions in various setups of the collision terms. We analyze the mechanism of fast flavor conversions based on the motion of polarization vectors in the cylindrical coordinate analogous to a pendulum motion. The phase of the all polarization vector synchronizes in the linear evolution phase, and the
more » ... se deviation from the Hamiltonian governs the neutrino flavor conversions. In a non-linear regime of flavor conversions, the collision terms induce a spiral motion of the polarization vector and gradually make the phase space smaller. The collision terms align all of the polarization vectors, and flavor conversions eventually settle into equilibrium when the distributions of neutrinos become isotropic. Though our current analysis does not fully clarify the non-linear phenomena of fast flavor conversions, the framework of the pendulum motion gives a new insight into this complicated phenomenon, which is helpful in further study.
doi:10.1093/ptep/ptac082 fatcat:asu4xm57jvakdmenbd6wvuzz6q