Can Magnetic Monopoles and Massive Photons Coexist in the Framework of the Same Classical Theory?

C. Cafaro, S. Capozziello, Ch. Corda, S. A. Ali
2007 Advances in High Energy Physics  
It is well known that one cannot construct a self-consistent quantum field theory describing the nonrelativistic electromagnetic interaction mediated by massive photons between a point-like electric charge and a magnetic monopole. We show that, indeed, this inconsistency arises in the classical theory itself. No semiclassic approximation or limiting procedure forℏ→0is used. As a result, the string attached to the monopole emerges as visible also if finite-range electromagnetic interactions are
more » ... c interactions are considered in classical framework.
doi:10.1155/2007/69835 fatcat:or7dd2avunakddimcuqqgfjqsq