The Neostranger Phenomenon: to the Problem about Transformation of Immigrant's Adaptation Practices in the Socio-Cultural Space of Europe and Russia

Elena Khlyshcheva, Sergei Khrapov, Svetlana Kryuchkova
2019 Przegląd Wschodnioeuropejski  
Spatial heterotopy of modern space contributes to the emergence of new communicative patterns in the field of "own – other" contacts. But the persisting traditional ethnic stereotypes conflict with the changing socio-cultural realities. In this article the authors analyze the problem of preservation culture from Stranger. In this regard serious questions raise. These are: what do we keep – either the traditional culture with its internal code or the culture as a whole; what and from whom do we
more » ... nd from whom do we protect – either the traditional culture from globalization challenges, or "our own culture" from the Other; and, at last, how do we protect it – either carefully saving from innovations or actively breaking all traditional forms clearing away the road for innovative development? Anyway rhizome world view becomes the factor that significantly complicates adaptation of NeoStranger into the receiving societies. It demands theoretical comprehension of a new strategy of cross-cultural communication in modern transcultural space.
doi:10.31648/pw.5467 fatcat:ml2cpzafsrc65ffmd6ogghekhm