Selebtwits: Micro-Celebrity Practitioners in Indonesian Twittersphere

Detta Rahmawan
2014 Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi  
Drawn from the notion that Twitter is a suitable context for micro-celebrity practices (Marwick, 2010) this research examines interactions between Indonesian Twitter-celebrities called selebtwits and their followers. The results suggest that several strategies include: stimulated conversation, audience recognition, and various level of self-disclosure that have been conducted by the selebtwits to maintain the relationship with their followers. This research also found that from the follower
more » ... om the follower viewpoint, interaction with selebtwits is often perceived as an "endorsement" and "achievement". However, there are others who are not particularly fond of the idea of the selebtwits-follower's engagement. Some selebtwits-followers' interactions lead to "digital intimacy", while others resemble parasocial interaction and one-way communication. Furthermore, this study suggests that in the broader context, selebtwits are perceived in both positive and negative ways.
doi:10.24198/jkk.v2i1.6046 fatcat:tf7uj6pv4zbbzo2n65kxwqdcnu