Hysterectomy for Removal of Large Uterine Myomata by the Combined Vaginal and Abdominal Methods

1898 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
A PAPE it read before the Medical Congress in Washington, last spring, by one of your most widely known surgeons, namely, Dr. Homans, suggested my subject for to-night. In his paper ho discussed the whole question of hysterectomy, both vaginal and abdominal, together with the indications for, and the technique of, operation. This paper will be limited to Segond, after dividing one broad ligament and ligating the vessels as they are encountered, opens the vagina and enucleates the cervix, and,
more » ... the cervix, and, lastly, divides the second broad ligament. After trying the two methods, that of Doyen seems to me superior, since it is far more easy to open the vagina through the Douglas cul-de-sac than to do so between the uterus aud bladder. I have also made use of the operation, formerly so The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal as published by The New England Journal of Medicine. Downloaded from nejm.org at SAN DIEGO (UCSD) on June 23, 2016. For personal use only. No other uses without permission. From the NEJM Archive.
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