Impact of Digital Economy on Intellectual Property Law

Asif khan, Ximei Wu
2020 Journal of Politics and Law  
Intellectual property is regarded to be the digital economy's hot issue. It ranges from theoretical arguments to own information concerning everyday life relating to the foundation of internet geography. The current study deals with the impact of the digital economy on intellectual property law and proposes that although various countries have given many intellectual property laws, no such implementation has ever been made. Still, the digital world has witnessed the protection of
more » ... l law through technical protection and contracts. The digital economy has greatly impacted the intellectual property law that can be witnessed through cyber squatter legislation and significant legal and economic protection developments. The endorsement of business methods patents and e-commerce would significantly affect freedom, computer as well as privacy. However, some of their personal information has been suggested by giving individual property rights while describing it to protect freedom and privacy. In this study, it has also been concluded that policy is critical to conceive and analyze issues so that it would be technology independent. It would help policymakers to draft legislation and policies in the same way. In addition to this, policymakers' decisions should not base on any business model's specifics only. Moreover, the study suggests the need for other adaptations to ensure that all the essential purposes in copyright laws, such as giving free access to the public for a broader range of information, have been adequately fulfilled in the digital economy context. However, such adaptations are yet to design, and for completing such tasks, the stakeholders' participation is significant.
doi:10.5539/jpl.v13n4p117 fatcat:bd3zxkqe55bt5mudazxbthhpb4