Research progress of chiral ligand exchange stationary phases in the enantiomer resolution

Hui Bai, T. Zhu, M. Anpo, A. Sharifi
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
The structure of chiral drugs contains at least one asymmetric center. When the enantiomers act on the human body, they are recognized by chiral receptors and enzymes in vivo, which will show different physiological effects and even adverse reactions. Therefore, it is very important for the development of chiral pharmacy to obtain chiral enantiomers with a single configuration by racemic resolution. Some general impurities will be introduced in the production of chiral drugs, thus the detection
more » ... of impurities is also a crucial step in the quality control of chiral medicines. The chiral ligand exchange stationary phase has a strong recognition effect on enantiomer analytes with multiple chelating sites, and is very suitable for the separation and control of biological samples such as amino acids. In this work, the development of chiral ligand exchange stationary phases in enantiomeric resolution is reviewed, which is expected to provide a basis for the quality control of complex chiral drug components.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202127104020 fatcat:el7zo2dlgzeilbnp4rd4nfvyty