Balázs L. György, Éva Lublóy
2017 Zbornik Radova Građevinskog Fakulteta  
In addition to the mechanical properties, behaviourstructural materials at elevated temperatures is also of high importance. Present paper deals with the effects of fire attack on concrete or concrete structures in Hungary. Residual compressive strength of concrete exposed to high temperatures is influenced by the following factors: water to cement ratio, cement to aggregate ratio, type of aggregate, water content of concrete before exposing it to high temperatures and the fire process.
more » ... re process. Therefore, mix design and composition of concrete are of high importance.Material and structural behavior are analyzed at high temperatures, which, based on practical observations, could reach even 1100°C in some cases. Relationship of concrete mix design and structural behaviour arediscussed with test results on prestressed concrete beams. By the analysis of earlier fire attacks, important information can be obtained for future fire design.The fire cases of the Budapest Sports Hall (1999) and of the Athletic Hall of the University of Physical Education in Budapest, Hungary (2015) are also summarized in our paper.
doi:10.14415/konferencijagfs2017.003 fatcat:cs2wgyw2k5g53oxgmxkmws5ph4