1845 The Lancet  
669 amongst the insane, and careful observation of the practice of many large and well conducted asylums, I am more than ever convinced of its efficacy as a means of cure. ( Vide last report of Bethlehem Hospital, on the treatment of insane persons at their own residences, or at all events, out of a regular establishment.) Having been entrusted with many private cases, (two of them of the higher classes,) I will offer a few remarks on their management. Last autumn I went to reside with a
more » ... an, aged twenty-nine, who had been attacked with insanity a few months previously: the symptoms at first sight were those of incipient dementia. The pulse was feeble, circulation languid, extremities cold, and he could not to be induced to talk ; the bowels habitually costive, and he passed his urine in bed. On taking charge of the case, I first turned my attention to the subject of warmth, and procured for him stockings, drawers, &c., of fleecy hosiery, at the same time substituting woollen clothing for his light summer dress: his sitting room was kept at a regular temperature by means of radiated heat, and he took short carriage drives
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