Hypertriglyceridemia Masking Hyperglycemia

Ria Ramadoo Ryan Kunjal
2015 Journal of Metabolic Syndrome  
A 42 year old female diabetic poorly compliant to therapy presented with left facial pain and classic osmotic symptoms of hyperglycemia Clinical findings revealed dehydration and the features of a lower motor neuron lesion of the left facial nerve. Blood glucose measured by bedside glucose reflectance device ( TRUEresult ®) was 460 mg/dl compared with a value of 1280 mg/dl obtained on an identically timed specimen but measured by spectrophotometry ( Figure 1 ). Plasma was noted to be markedly
more » ... pemic (Figure 2) . and plasma triglyceride level was 9460 mg/dl. Glycemic control was achieved over several days with intensive insulin therapy. As plasma became less lipemic, the disparity between bedside and laboratory-derived values diminished steadily, eventually becoming identical. Blood glucose reflectance devices have revolutionized the management of diabetes but are unreliable when plasma is lipemic [1]. Figure 1: Blood glucose measured by spectrophotometry Figure 2: Samples with Triglyceride (mg/dl) from day 0-14. References 1. Tonyushkina K, Nichols JH (2009) Glucose meters: a review of technical challenges to obtaining accurate results. J Diabetes Sci Technol 13: 971-980.
doi:10.4172/2167-0943.1000i101 fatcat:ifoya3aymbgvpgfdp2p6udee6a