Using benthic diatoms for estimating lake ecological quality: Comparing different taxonomic resolution

Aldo Marchetto, Tommaso Sforzi
2018 Advances in Oceanography and Limnology  
The Water Framework Directive asks to all Member States of the European Union to classify the ecological quality of significant waterbodies on the basis of the biological communities they host. One of the biological communities that must be used for the ecological quality assessment is the periphytic community, mainly composed by diatoms. In Italy, diatom-based lake quality assessment is performed using a specific index, named EPI-L, based on the method of weighted averages. For each species, a
more » ... For each species, a trophic score and an indicator weight were calculated. In order to reduce the complexity of the lake quality assessment, we calibrated a variant of EPI-L, using diatoms genera instead of species, and we compared the performance of these two variants in terms of correlation with the nutrient level and of different classification of each lake.
doi:10.4081/aiol.2018.7389 fatcat:kun7rlumrjgwvjn5idzwvyyf7u