An assessment of the applicability of dung count to estimate the wild boar population density in a forest environment

R. Plhal, J. Kamler, M. Homolka, J. Drimaj
2014 Journal of Forest Science  
Wild boar is a native species in the fauna of the Czech Republic. It is becoming a problematic game species both in the Czech Republic and in other European countries due to its harmful impacts. So far no suitable method of its sustainable management has been devised. Yet, a correct abundance estimate is essential for proper management, field crop damage prevention and proper hunting planning. This paper employed faecal pellet group count to estimate the wild boar density in a forest
more » ... . The research was conducted in a study area covering 12.83 km<sup>2</sup>, which is surrounded by farmland. The count was done under ideal conditions in early spring, after snow had melted. The study area was organised into several differing environments in which different dung densities were expected. The presence of feeding sites, where wild boars concentrated, was taken into account. The conducted count confirmed differences in the utilization of different habitats within the study area. The resulting wild boar abundance was estimated at 64.3 (&plusmn; 8.9; 95% CI) indd&middot;km<sup>&ndash;2</sup>. &nbsp; &nbsp;
doi:10.17221/99/2013-jfs fatcat:ksiflvssgvhrzmbudu5q4gykdu