Sampling Processes and Intensities for the Geostatistical Modeling of an Unevenly Aged Forest

Marcelo Roveda, Afonso Figueiredo Filho, Allan Pelissari, Aline Genú
2018 Floresta e Ambiente  
The aim of this study was to estimate the basal area, through traditional sampling processes and geostatistical interpolation, and compare it to the forest census carried out in 25 ha of a Mixed Ombrophilous Forest remnant. The sampling simulations were structured for the systematic sampling, two stages, and simple random, in intensities 5, 11, and 22% of the potential sample units of 25 × 25 m. The increase in sample intensity for the systematic sampling and two stages revealed a higher level
more » ... f spatial behavior details of the basal area, whereas when comparing the census with sampling, it was observed that the geostatistical interpolation shows ability to improve the accuracy of the basal area estimation.
doi:10.1590/2179-8087.060916 fatcat:vlcv52w7xra2dnse6w7lntjzfa