The Use of Decorative Styles of Woven Songket as a Source of Learning in the Course Textile Design and Decoration

I Dewa Ayu Made Budhyani, A.G. Abdullah, J. Foley, I.G.N.A. Suryaputra, A. Hellman
2018 SHS Web of Conferences  
The use of learning sources in the learning process greatly contributes to the achievement of its goal. The use of learning sources greatly affects the teaching and learning process. It is necessary to use different learning sources when creating a textile design in order to produce a quality product. The decorative style of woven songket can be used as one of the learning sources. The different decorative types of the woven songket contain aesthetic values. The decorative type of woven songket
more » ... pe of woven songket is a product of the crafter's feeling, creativity, and intention inspired by the environment. The natural objects such as plants, animals, human beings, and geometric elements are stylized into the decorative forms. The decorative style used on the woven songket can be used as the learning source in order to create the decorative style in the course Textile Design and Decoration. There are several aesthetic elements which inspire where the decorative style is placed; they are composition, rhythm, balance, the harmonious layout of the decorative style, and the variation of the decorative style on the textile design. In general, the composition of the placement of the main object of the decorative style is more dominant on the piece of fabric. Rhythm and how the decorative style is composed are shown through the composition of the decorative motive forms such as how big and small they are, how high and low they are and how long and short they are. The ways in which the decorative motives and colors are entirely shown contribute to the harmony and placement of decorative style. The symmetric balance is used to create balance and avoid the impression of being biased. The placement of what the motives contain and how they are composed are used to determine the variation of the decorative style used. The placement of objects and the marginal decoration of the fabric also determine the variation used.
doi:10.1051/shsconf/20184200108 fatcat:7ahulg7q45fdfnufxvzqy4del4