Atmospheric Remnants in the Low Earth Orbit Region around 200 km Altitude

Konstantinos Katsonis, Chloe Berenguer, José Gonzalez del Amo, Constantinos Stavrinidis
2015 World Journal of Engineering and Technology  
Study of atmospheric remnants in the low Earth orbit region (~200 km altitude) using Global Models, with application to electric thrusters of in situ resources utilization type. Keywords Atmospheric Composition, Low Earth Orbit, Air-Breathing, Global Modeling K. Katsonis et al. 27 results coming from DEDALOS Ltd. code 4CGM. Global Model (GM) support of air-breathing technology is addressed in Section 4. Conclusions are given in Section 5.
doi:10.4236/wjet.2015.33c004 fatcat:7ry23oz7efcslfvomz55meelx4