Nanoscaleα-structural domains in the phonon-glass thermoelectric materialβ−Zn4Sb3

H. J. Kim, E. S. Božin, S. M. Haile, G. J. Snyder, S. J. L. Billinge
2007 Physical Review B  
A study of the local atomic structure of the promising thermoelectric material ␤-Zn 4 Sb 3 , using atomic pair distribution function ͑PDF͒ analysis of x-ray-and neutron-diffraction data, suggests that the material is nanostructured. The local structure of the ␤ phase closely resembles that of the low-temperature ␣ phase. The ␣ structure contains ordered zinc interstitial atoms which are not long range ordered in the ␤ phase. A rough estimate of the domain size from a visual inspection of the
more » ... is Շ10 nm. It is probable that the nanoscale domains found in this study play an important role in the exceptionally low thermal conductivity of ␤-Zn 4 Sb 3 .
doi:10.1103/physrevb.75.134103 fatcat:p5n3xro3bneafeufwrughc26j4