Sifrotul Faroh, Asep Purwo Yudi Utomo
2020 UNDAS Jurnal Hasil Penelitian Bahasa dan Sastra  
Vlog (video blogging) is a form of blogging activity using vlog medium which represents personality and usually discusses, tells, or discusses about certain content. Besides being entertainment, video blogging also provide knowledge for the audience. One of the vlog that is full of knowledge is the vlog "Q&A Session 3" contained on Sherly Annavita Rahmi's channel on social media Youtube. Please note that the types of vlogs that are often uploaded in the YouTube channel are motivational vlogs,
more » ... tivational vlogs, Question & Answers (Q&A), and speakers' opinions on various issues. This study aims to describe the range of illocutionary speech acts that exist in the V&A Q&A Session 3. The research approach is a qualitative descriptive approach. At the stage of data collection, the authors use the observation of referring to downloading vlogs first, and followed by the note taking technique. The author uses the method of referring to downloading vlogs and continued with note taking techniques to collect data. Data analysis was performed by transcription, translation analysis and interpretation, then making conclusions about the types of illocutionary speech acts used by speakers in the V&A Q&A Session 3. The research data is in the form of utterances delivered by Sherly Annavita Rahmi's youtube channel account owner. Based on the data analysis, there are five types of speech acts of are (1) asertive speech acts, including stating, speculating, and mentioning; (2) directive ordering, giving cue, suggesting, and urging; (3) expressive thank you, criticize, and congratulations; (4) commisives, includes offer; and (5) Declarative, including deciding. From this research it is expected to find the types and meanings of illocutionary speech in vlogs that will be useful for reference in life.language, vlog, sherly annavita rahmi, speech acts, illocution
doi:10.26499/und.v16i2.2793 fatcat:o34cogtfsbeixeymkv64mxrfnq