Automatic Generation of High-Accuracy Stair Paths for Straight, Spiral, and Winder Stairs Using IFC-Based Models

Will Y. Lin
2020 ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information  
The indoor space model is the foundation of most indoor location-based services (LBS). A complete indoor space model includes floor-level paths and non-level paths. The latter includes passages connecting different floors or elevations such as stairs, elevators, escalators, and ramps. Most related studies have merely discussed the modeling and generation of floor-level paths, while those considering non-level paths usually simplify the formation and generation of non-level paths, especially
more » ... ths, especially stairs, which play an important role in emergency evacuation and response. Although the algorithm proposed by i-GIT approach, which considers both floor-level and non-level paths, can automatically generate paths of straight stairs, it is not applicable to the spiral stairs and winder stairs that are common in town houses and other public buildings. This study proposes a novel approach to generate high-accuracy stair paths that can support straight, spiral, and winder stairs. To implement and verify the proposed algorithm, 54 straight and spiral stairs provided by Autodesk Revit's official website and three self-built winder stairs are used as test cases. The test results show that the algorithm can successfully produce the stair paths of most test cases (49/50), which comprehensively extends the applicability of the proposed algorithm.
doi:10.3390/ijgi9040215 fatcat:ouzfeoom3bd45bq3szaba4g4gu