Transformation Process of the Magnetron-Sputtered Ag2O Film in Hydrogen Annealing

Xiao-Yong Gao, Meng-Ke Zhao, Hong-Tao Liu, Sa Zhang
2013 Brazilian journal of physics  
The current paper mainly addresses the effect of the hydrogen partial pressure on the microstructure and transformation of the Ag$_2$O film. The transformation process and mechanism were also analyzed in detail. Increasing the hydrogen partial pressure can accelerate the transformation of Ag$_2$O to Ag and lower the critical transformation temperature of the film due to the enhanced hydrogen reduction, and to both of the lowered activation energy of the reaction of Ag$_2$O with hydrogen and
more » ... th hydrogen and enhanced lattice strain of the Ag$_2$O film, respectively. Hydrogen-involved reaction in the whole hydrogen annealing process is mainly hydrogen reduction reaction with Ag$_2$O. The diffusion of hydrogen and gaseous H$_2$O molecules is accompanied with the whole hydrogen annealing process.
doi:10.1007/s13538-013-0155-9 fatcat:6crxjvep4ve7dkjjpdevrjmkam