A geological history of Manhattan or New York island together with a map of the island, and a suite of sections, tables and columns, for the study of geology, particularly adapted for the American student [book]

Issachar Cozzens
1843 unpublished
Dear Sir : Knowing you have taken a greater interest in the promotion and study of Geology than any other person in the city of New York : and as your late lectures have proved your high attainments in the science, I beg leave to dedicate to you this my humble contribution. PREFACE When I first undertook to make Geological Sections, Maps, &c, it was for my own study and amusement, and I had no thought of publishing my productions ; but as I found most of the elementary works on the subject, to
more » ... on the subject, to be mere collections of hard names and foreign references, and consequently not likely to be looked on by the American student, but as a task, I thought I could show something more agreeable nearer home, and by adding historical facts, anecdotes and reminiscences of the city, I might induce some to read and become interested, in the greatest of all sciences ; I therefore enlarged my work, and now, by the advice of my friends, I lay it before the public, hoping, it may at least serve as a stepping stone to the young Geologist. ^ DEFINITION AND USES GEOLOGY. Definition of Geology. -Geology is the study of the rocks, and all earthy and mineral properties, that form the crust of the globe, which man and his cotemporaries now inhabit ; of all the apparent, past changes it has undergone by volcanoes, floods, earthquakes, and other lesser causes, such as heat and cold, the wear and tear of its surface, by rains or any thing else, which alters, or occasions a displacement of any of its materials. Uses of Geology. -The knowledge of Geology seems to be requisite in all states and pursuits of life. The artisan and the mechanic, are benefited by the mineral products of the earth ; without Iron alone, (the rusty king of all metals,) man could not exist in a civilized state, for, from the weighty hammer and the delicate needle comes most of the power, that man possesses in the mechanical arts.
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