Charge dynamics in the Mott insulating phase of the ionic Hubbard model

A. A. Aligia
2004 Physical Review B  
We extend to charge and bond operators the transformation that maps the ionic Hubbard model at half filling onto an effective spin Hamiltonian. Using these operators we calculate the amplitude of the charge density wave in different dimensions. In one dimension, the charge-charge correlations at large distance d decay as 1/(d^3 ln^3/2d), in spite of the presence of a charge gap, as a consequence of remaining charge-spin coupling. Bond-bond correlations decay as (-1)^d 1/(d ln^3/2d) as in the usual Hubbard model.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.69.041101 fatcat:exqxjai5rbdn7gce4q7rzf34pe