Quisto hidático do mediastino. A propósito de um caso clínico

Ana Paula Gonçalves, Filomena Luís, Alexandra Bento, José Manuel Silva
2007 Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia  
Rev Port Pneumol 2007; XIII (4): 619-624 Palavras-chave: Hidatidose, equinococose, quisto hidático do mediastino, doença de declaração obrigatória. Abstract Hydatid cyst is a zoonotic cycle parasitic infection caused by Echinococus granulosus tapeworm, whose larvae infect man as an intermediate host 1,2 . It is one of the most serious lung diseases caused by helminths 1 . It is rare to find it in the mediastinum; < 1%. The primitive, or seemingly primitive, location is due to the parasite in
more » ... the parasite in the cellular tissue of the mediastinum 3 . The authors report the case of a sixteen year old male, admitted to the E.R. for left posterior chest pain which had spread to the upper left limb. Rev Port Pneumol 2007; XIII (4): 619-624
doi:10.1016/s0873-2159(15)30368-8 pmid:17898917 fatcat:ruritnvhofelpc6vb6ryvhhl4u