A Case Report on Iactrogenic Cushing Syndrome with Scabies and Oral Candidiasis

Md Abdullah Faizan, Mohammed Baleeqhuddin, Salman Mir Ali
2020 Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics  
Cushing syndrome is a condition characterized by high blood levels of cortisol or other exogenous compounds of glucocorticoids. This can be iatrogenic or endogenous cortisol secretion, due to the either an adrenal tumor or hyper secretion of adrenotropic hormone by the pituitary gland. Due immunosuppression patient are prone to more infectious diseases. Here the patient is diagnoses with oral candidiasis and scabies. Clinical investigation was carried out and laboratory investigations like
more » ... tigations like Cortisol level in morning and evening, complete blood picture. He was provided with treatment of hydrocortisone, anti-fungal agents, anti-parasitic agents and skin moisturizer. Keywords: Iactrogenic Cushing syndrome, Candidiasis, Scabies, Cortisol, Corticosteroid.
doi:10.22270/jddt.v10i4-s.4271 fatcat:53hoelxazjc67c6jrzbof24ccu