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1900 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
comparatively simple operation of inguinal oolostomy. The distended small intestine bulged into the wound and was returned to the abdominal cavity with dilliculty. The apparent absence of descending colon was matitis. As to treatment, the best drugs ¡ire sulphur, resorcin and the mercurials. The only stimulant worth mentioning is massage, and this should not be employed until the dandruff is checked. of Chicago, read this paper. Othematoma consists in a rather suddenly appearing effusion of
more » ... ing effusion of blood between the cartilage of the auricle and the pcrichondrium, separating this hitter from the former. It is situated on the upper half of the anterior aspect of the organ, ami (he swelling is considerable. The chief, occurrence of othematoma after traumatism is well established. Tbc writer carefully searched the authorities as to the possible connection of othematoma with syphilis, and the only reference he could find to it was by Bouvier, in 1889.1 Dr. Zeisler's attention was called to this possibility by the following case: Dr. X, about forty years old, had a Small wart-like lesion on his right thumb, which was removed by excision and cauterization with nitric acid. bands and masses of fibrous tissue. Despite the severity of the condition present in both cases, there had been recent improvement in the general health. AN UNUSUAL PORM OP TUMOR OP THE SCALP. Dr. Allen presented a colored painting, gross specimen and microscopic preparation. The tumor,
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