Tunneling decay of false domain walls: The silence of the lambs

Mareike Haberichter, Richard MacKenzie, M. B. Paranjape, Yvan Ung
2016 Journal of Mathematical Physics  
We study the decay of "false" domain walls, which are metastable states of the quantum theory where the true vacuum is trapped inside the wall, with the false vacuum outside. We consider a theory with two scalar fields, a shepherd field and a field of sheep. The shepherd field serves to herd the solitons of the sheep field so that they are nicely bunched together. However, quantum tunnelling of the shepherd field releases the sheep to spread out uncontrollably. We show how to calculate the tunnelling amplitude for such a disintegration.
doi:10.1063/1.4947263 fatcat:nmaonz4kajem7ahvfcdrj7hefq