Elephantopus scaber Linn. extract protects against copper ascorbate induced injury to goat heart mitochondria in-vitro: Involvement of antioxidant mechanisms

Sachin M. Hiradeve, Arnab Kumar Ghosh, Sudeshna Paul, Debasish Bandyopadhyay, Vinod D. Rangari
2019 Asian Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology  
Objective: Elephantopus scaber Linn., family Asteraceae, is a small herb found in Neotropics, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. The plant parts of this herb have been used traditionally for the treatment of a number of diseases in many countries. In the present study, we investigated the antioxidant activities of methanolic and aqueous extract of E. scaber root and aerial part against copper-ascorbate induced toxic injury to mitochondria obtained from goat heart, . in vitro Material and
more » ... Material and methods: Incubation of isolated cardiac mitochondria with copper-ascorbate resulted in elevated levels of lipid peroxidation and protein carbonylation of the mitochondrial membrane, a reduced level of mitochondrial GSH and altered status of antioxidant enzymes as well as decreased activities of pyruvate dehydrogenase and the Kreb's cycle enzymes. All of these parameters were protected from being altered when the cardiac mitochondria were coincubated with different extracts, . A significant increase in cardiac E. Scaber in vitro Results and conclusion: mitochondrial LPO level following the incubation of mitochondria with copper ascorbate (63.92%, P < 0.001 vs. control) and protein carbonyl assay (64.78%, P < 0.001 vs. control). A significant decrease in cardiac mitochondrial reduced GSH content (61.89%, P < 0.001 vs. control), (66.69%, #P < 0.001 vs. control group) in the activity of GPx , (63.91%, #P < 0.001 vs. control group) in the activity of GR was observed. The result of present study suggested that the extract may be used as a potential therapeutic antioxidant agent in future. E. scaber
doi:10.31024/ajpp.2019.5.4.16 fatcat:x5b7yupvozcfrodp5xirdtg3bq