Sunni, Shia, Whabbi, Salafi, Berelvi, Sufi and Deobandi: The Different Islamic Perspectives on Creativity in Islam [chapter]

Cameron Iqbal
2022 Creativity [Working Title]  
The purpose of this study is to understand how seven different Islamic sects namely Sunni, Shia, Whabbi, Salafi, Berelvi, Sufi and Deobandi have different perspectives when it comes to creativity (bid'ah). Each participant provided a unique insight into their understanding and interpretations of Islamic scriptures and texts in relation to creativity, and to determine how creativity in Islam is assessed. This study provides a unique understanding of differences and similarities of creativity and
more » ... innovation and explains how each participant's sect analyses and affords its own perspective on creativity.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.102905 fatcat:n6bjulbvubfphcwluafiq6vm34