Study on Manufacturing Exaggerated Jacket Pattern Shown in Women's Collections 2011 F/W
2011 F/W 여성복컬렉션에서 나타난 과장형 재킷패턴제작 연구

Se-Jong Lee, Tai-Gi Kwak
2012 The Korean Society of Costume  
Exaggerations have always been seen in the past and present. In the past, they represented wealth and high social status, but now they are being used to express one's beauty and personality. This has led to the diversity in design through widening each person's emotions. Likewise, exaggerations have been changed from the past to the present and so will they in the future. This study focuses on proposing patterns to enhance the utility and practical use of exaggerated jacket designs and its
more » ... esigns and its methods are based on documents and preceded studies. Pattern making is composed of drawing patterns and showing their forms by basting -which are a technique that is explained in this study's outcome -and the basic pattern is the style of Wan Suk. Suh. Jackets are made with exaggerating factors in the women's collections of 2011 F/W and are designed for various ages. With the knowledge of structuring a jacket, anyone could easily follow the instructions. In the end, he/she could elevate the ability to express, use practically and apply this idea in general fields of fashion industry.
doi:10.7233/jksc.2012.62.5.138 fatcat:jtan72vgavh3ngave3wdzasnya