A Study on the Architectural Characteristics of Godin's Social Palace System of Modern Ideal Housing
근대 이상주거 고댕의 사회궁전에 나타나는 건축특성 연구

Seung-Kwan Baek
2014 Journal of the Korean housing association  
This study analyzes the architectural characteristics of Godin's Social Palace system of ideal housing for laborers during the 19th century. Utopian socialists in the first half of the 19th century proposed different solutions to reform their chaotic capitalist society, in response to the maladies of the Industrial Revolution. Fourier designed an ideal housing referred to as the Phalanstère, in which residences coexisted in a cooperative society. His disciples tried in vain to make this ideal
more » ... o make this ideal housing system real. The only realization of this type of ideal housing was called Godin's Social Palace, which was constructed in Guise, France. The main architectural characteristics of Godin's Social Palace are as follows: dwelling units in consideration of function and expansion are applied basically in the housing. Further, a natural ventilation system is applied between housing and courtyard, and water supply is established in the housing. In Particular, natural lighting and artificial illumination are used in the entire building appropriately. In addition, a device which promotes a community between inhabitants is established. As for such modern facilities and social devices, inhabitants were able to live a more comfortable life. Hence, it is confirmed to have been one of the important factors for sustaining the Social Palace for more than 100 years.
doi:10.6107/jkha.2014.25.1.001 fatcat:6qn33cgnkbd7tiiiopptpivtae