Stability Coordinated Control of Distributed Drive Electric Vehicle Based on Condition Switching

Zhao Jingbo, Chen Jie, Liu Chengye, Yong Chen
2020 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
The distributed drive electric vehicle is a complex hybrid system including discrete events and continuous events. In order to coordinate the longitudinal and lateral motion of the distributed drive electric vehicle, a hierarchical control method was proposed. In the upper layer, the body attitude tracking controller based on sliding mode control algorithm was established to accurately analyze the driving expectation and to track the longitudinal speed, the lateral speed, and the yaw rate of
more » ... the yaw rate of the vehicle. In the lower layer, the switching controller based on the hybrid theory was established to improve the driving stability under various working conditions. The switching controller can switch between control strategies according to the working conditions. The joint simulation was carried out under various working conditions using Simulink and CarSim software. The results showed that the controller can coordinate the longitudinal and lateral motion of the vehicle well in linear acceleration and sinusoidal acceleration conditions and can strictly track the driving expectation and maintain the desired body posture. And another, the controller can be switched according to the working conditions and control strategies accurately and smoothly and can ensure stable driving in the constant speed single lane change condition. The controller can reveal the continuous behavior characteristics of the vehicle and reflect the characteristics of discrete events by coordinating the longitudinal and lateral motion of the vehicle. It improves the stability and control performance of the distributed drive electric vehicle under various working conditions.
doi:10.1155/2020/5648058 fatcat:ei6ihxmzbjenflg3mvmkxm4frq