Assessing Socioeconomic Opportunities of Women Selling Injera on Street at Nekemte Town, Oromia, Ethiopia [post]

Tarekegn Tariku Ebissa
2020 unpublished
Injera is the most preferableand popular type of feeding items in Ethiopia. Injera can be prepared from various flours of cereal grains but it mostly produced using grinded flour of cereal grain called Teff (Eragrostistef (Zucc) Trotter). This study is conducted to assess the socioeconomic opportunities of women selling Injera on the street in Nekemtetown, Oromia, Ethiopia. The main aim of the study was indentifying and analyzing the social and economic opportunities of women engaged on selling
more » ... engaged on selling Injera on the street. Primary data was collected from 50 women currently selling Injera on street at Nekemte town through structured interview questionnaire. The interview was conducted within one month at five Injera marketing locations in the town. Simple descriptive statistic was used to analyze the collected data. The findings of the study reveal the existence of both social and economic opportunities. The significant opportunities are the existence of indigenous knowledge and skill, good future employment option, availability of high domestic & abroad market demand, existence of high interest to work in cooperatives, existence of necessary inputs in the location, availability of cheap facilities and utilities to support the engagement and existence of eager interest to continue in supplying and trading Injera. As a result, for wise utilization of the opportunities, it is recommended to empower women engaged on selling Injera by enterprising and modernizing the production, supply and trading of Injera in Nekemte town.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:hppu4nwyyvhxdncvqnmxmypjru