B. G. Wilder
1881 Science  
In this ani(I in the preceding numbter considerable space is dev-oted to a somiewhiat elaborate dliscuissioni of the genieral sublject of Anatomical Nomenicla-ture, accotmlanied by% practical suggstins ithi regrard to the braini. Whenci we, conisidler thiat, as statedl by 1Professor Wilder, thle nail 1presents altotmit 150 p)arts or r-egionis Wlhich are, visil e to thle tinaided eye, tha.-t these p;trts are tmore and mtore fr-eiltletItlvy jittetit oned cominnec. lioni with thle pro gtessive
more » ... nces otf AitaItotity, /.oolgy IPhysiology 'and I'svciltohgy, andit yet titat attaany of' them halu ve received froml two to) a do,xn,) miore or less, ponderouis names, thiere wvould seetti to be nio qutestioni as to the dlesirability of soime Ilimprove. nienit uponl the existing termninology. Thle author of this ar-ticle ha~is undertaken to amiendt the imattert liy selecting the shiortest or othierwise miost approptrNite ltie of thle se:veral namtes which smine parts are known, or y wevizatinig des-icriptive phrases eithier l)y discarding aill lutt the tuost sigititi cant word, or converting qIualifyitng adjectives inito prefixs, -r, in fe-v casesp, tuiostly, o' halts, ol)served by htittisc-lf, I))pyr toj sing necw termlls alto g etiher. is as eVeTv Oriigi inve-stig Ir is atware, all Nsciv tic is-ir1 less trovisio utal, alttd us1 t lie mil to liti cul to s uiti th ev 1tuloiti ns to kiimwlOctge and the cleat-iting up (I' idea-s. 'I'le authtor has given aI fe%v instanices of the vinlployittenlt of new terims by imodlernl w%riters, and( mianiy miore mighit. have beci addutced. Mlarshitie 46 plostpltbis," Huixley lep)ip)ules, p)ylangitim, synangium, intraovular ;" Foster employs-if hie (lid niot originiate-" hemiiiseclion andt ajspychicaj ;"1 orad " is uised by IThachier in place of c-eph1t/1i/i, wh,ile " dorsad " occuirs in recent writin-s. of Alivart, anid inI I luxley's la,test, utteranice, the paper on "1Evolution," parts of which were reprinted in this journal. Among all the arguments in favor of some modification of the existing nomienclature, the strongestto the minitd of the unilrejudiced laymiani-is, perhaps, the v'ery onie whiich wvill least commiiend itself to the Iprofessional aniatomiist :namiely, that the ease and cofort of those iiowv living( shiouild be hield of little miomienit as comipared withi aniy adv'antage whichi the change may conifer upon the "1 vastly miore iinumerouis anatomitcal workers of the fututre." Th'lose whot olbject to) the strictly technical construtctionl of the p)rop)osed vocabutlary shiouild try, to re-alize wh.at wouldI be the ouitcomie of a total disuse of all technical terims, and( the substituttion therefor of the v'ernacular words which are cuirrenit amiong the people of the variouis couintries in whiichi aniatomiy is culti-v'ate(l. Anicienit Blabylon would have a p)arallel in mioderni Scienice, anid there wouild result confuision, miisuniderstaning,iii conitenition, ani(l finally apathy anid ig,norance. Professor NN'ildler hias ev-idently p)rep)ared hiss article in the hope of eliciting cr-iticismi fromi the workingr-anatomiists of all P)arts of the world, and niot withi a %,iew to the hasty p)raise or dlissenit of Fnglishisl)eakers alonie.
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