A new nematode, Yatinema japonicum gen. et sp. n. (Heligmonellidae: Nematoda), from voles, Eothenomys smithi Thomas and E. niigatae (Anderson)

M Asakawa, M Ohbayashi
1986 Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research  
A new heligmonellid, Yatinema japonicum gen. et sp. n., from the small intestine of voles, Eothenomys smithi THOMAS and E. niigatae (ANDERSON), was described. The hosts are found only in Japan. The similarity of the synlophe of Y. japonicum to Heligmonellinae suggested that it is inappropriate to place the nematode under the simplex dendrogram as proposed by , in which Orientostrongylus is the progenitor. Since E. smithi and E. niigatae are parasitized by a common parasite, Yatinema japonicum,
more » ... e postulated that these two hosts are phylogenetically closely related.
pmid:3517440 fatcat:enwq27bnvbcvfaictdmfy4ivc4