Typomorphic features of diamonds from ancient sedimentary thick layers of platforms' central parts

M. M. Zinchuk
2020 Мінеральні ресурси України  
Basing on generalization of large actual material on complex investigation of diamond its characteristic in Upper Paleozoic and Mesozoic sedimentary thick layers of the Siberian platform is provided. Special attention is paid to the Central-Siberian sub-province, where it is convincingly shown that the area of development of individual diamond macro-associations is limited by a specific diamondiferous region, within which complexes of different in age terrigenous and coastal Upper Paleozoic and
more » ... Upper Paleozoic and Mesozoic sediments are developed. Identified in some diamondiferous regions proximity of typomorphic features of diamonds in sedimentary thick layers of these ages testifies about formation of these collectors due to washout of more ancient productive layers or Middle Paleozoic primary sources. Polygeny of mineralogical associations of diamonds from different in age placers within some diamondiferous regions was noted, which may be successfully used when forecasting and prospecting primary sources of the mineral. Diamond and its tipomorphic features are one of the main criteria for forecasting and searching for root sources Materials on heterogeneity of the Viljujsko-Marhinska zone of deep faults with respect to productive kimberlite magmatism, which is associated with areals of the hard consolidated basement of the Archean age (Botuobinskij and Tjungskij cratons) obtained in the framework of medium scale forecast and search studies of typomophic features of diamonds have an important practical conclusion. The results of a study of the typomorphic features of diamonds from the most well-studied kimberlite bodies indicatle heterogeneities in the structure of the upper mantle even within the Central Siberian diamondiferous subprovince, especially with respect to the distributionof focirly rare coloured crystals (II, III and IV varieties) presumably of ecbgite genesis, associated with deep diamandiferous xenoliths of various composition. These varieties of diamonds are rare and accessory in kimberlite bodies, however their findings in rashes even in a single amount, can serve as a basis for localizing the territory of the search for indigenous sources. The analysis of typomorphic features of diamonds indicates the high prospectivity of placer oceurrences of the Central Siberian diamondiferous pronnce for the discovety of new highly productive kimberlite pipes.
doi:10.31996/mru.2020.3.13-19 fatcat:jyqgw2pujzb2jpso6daalcvb6u